Year 1 and Year 2 have been investigating the seasons and observing seasonal changes. The children talked about each season then created a’ season wheel’ using natural materials found in the woodlands. For winter they created a snowman, sledge, winter trees and the winter moon because it is dark!. Spring contained a nest with eggs, a small sunshine and green trees. The Summer quadrant contained of a sandy beach with rock pool and palm trees, a large sun and a green woodland. Autumn collage had bonfires, fireworks and trees without leaves.

They have also been learning ‘Momma Africa Story. The story is about the creation of animals. They created their own animals from clay and natural objects. They then created a cartoon strip story about their ‘Blobimal

Year 4 have been investigating team work. They were set team challenges and discovered for a team to work well you need,

  • ’strength
  • a leader,
  • To work together,
  • an audience to motivate you,
  • and competition!!!

Year 4 have also been maintaining the garden areas and the woodland. They have been learning to maintain the natural eco system of the woods by removing Himalayan Balsam (a non native plant) and litter from the woods.

Years 5/6 have performed an investigation in the woods to determine whether the shape of a balloon rocket effects the distance the rocket would travel. The recorded the results, evaluated them and then drew a conclusion.

Foundation Stage have been busy planting !! They have planted onions sets in the raised beds, runner beans and barlotti beans and potatoes!!!!!! Foundation stage have also been on a’ Where’s Walley?’ hunt in the woods.

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