School Timings

Cheshire East Council is reviewing it’s practice with regards to the issuing of Penalty Notices for term time holiday absences as a matter of priority and is seeking urgent guidance from the DfE.

Our School Day 8.55am – 3.15pm


It is very important that your child arrives in school on time. However, we recognise that from time to time children are late for school for a variety of reasons. If you are unable to arrive on time and are likely to be considerably late for school then please ring the school. If you arrive late (after 8.55 am) then your child will need to be registered in the school office and not in the classroom. Please come to the school office before dropping your child at their classroom.

It is very important to get children into good routines and therefore develop good habits for life. Being punctual is very important and helps the day to get off to a good start.

Supervision before and after school

No responsibility can be taken for children who arrive at school more than 10 minutes before the start of the school day or for children who are not collected within 10 minutes of school finishing for the day. We would not relinquish our protection of them, but the responsibility rests with parents. For safety reasons children should not be left on the school premises in advance of 8.45am.

Collecting your child at the end of the day – 3.15pm

Key Stage 1 and Reception children are collected from their classrooms using their exterior doors. The teacher will only hand your child over to a responsible adult or named person. If someone else is to pick up your child please let the class teacher know – preferably in writing. Do please try to be punctual as children can get quite upset if they feel left behind.

Key Stage 2 children leave the school via their classroom exits onto the junior playground.

If you are unavoidably delayed when due to collect your child, please notify the school office as soon as possible, your child will be asked to wait in the school entrance hall. Children are also reminded at regular intervals to come straight back into school if a parent/carer is not there to greet them.


If your child is absent through sickness or any unavoidable cause, you must inform school by telephone as early as possible that morning. This absence may constitute an authorised absence.

The Principal has discretionary power to grant leave of absence for a family holiday or visit overseas, but this is granted for exceptional circumstances only. Permission must be sought in advance of the trip or planned absence. A form is available from the school office for this purpose.

The school is required by law to collect and report details of absence.