Team Houses

We have four houses in school, these are Rowling, Morpurgo, Blyton and Dahl.

As you can see, they are all children’s authors and the names for each house have been chosen by the children as they wanted this theme. They all have house colours which are as follows:

Blyton = Blue

Morpurgo = Green

Dahl = Yellow

Rowling = Red

When children join our school they are selected into a house and throughout their time with us they get to enjoy competing for their house in various events. They also collect house points each week, and they can earn these for many different reasons….. from being helpful, kind to others, good behaviour…….the list is endless!!

Rowling won the House point reward session for the Autumn Term 2015, they had a games afternoon.

Current House Points Standings

Gold: Rowling

Silver: Blyton

Bronze: Dahl

Wooden Spoon: Morpurgo

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