Top Tips for Supporting Reading and Phonics at Home

Top Tips for Parents with Phonics and Reading!


Supporting your child at home with phonics:

Letters and Sounds phonics resources for parents to use at home to support phonics:

Please click the link below to view a copy of our phonics parent workshops.

Phonics Workshop Year 1, Year 1/2, Year 2.

Supporting your child at home with reading:

Sharing a book with a child is fun! It’s a time for closeness, laughing and talking together – and it can also give children a flying start in life and help them become lifelong readers.

If you’re not feeling confident about reading aloud or sharing books, don’t worry – there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a story together. But if you’d like some tips, here are a few pointers to help you out.

Reading with your child – Booklet for parents

7 Top Tips to support reading at home

Reading to your child at home – a video from Julia Donaldson:

Top Tips for reading with your child – a useful video about reading with your child at home.